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Historic Barley

This page is intended to allow us to add pictures of events occurring within the village.

Some older Pictures which we have been sent:-

I am indebted to Don Hudson for the following Barley Pictures
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This is a picture of the Evacuees to Barley in 1940. Reg Cording is 4th from the left in the back row and Don Hudson is last (on the right) in the back row. Does anyone recognise any of the other people?

picture of evacuees.jpg (178153 bytes)

The Cottages in Church end in the Winter of 1974 bt1.jpg (14997 bytes)
The Fox and Hounds, Winter of 1974 bt1 (1).jpg (12946 bytes)
Mortimers, London Road, winter 1974 bt1 (2).jpg (14926 bytes)



Millennium Plaque

The Plaque has now been Mounted (on Good Friday 2003)

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Bare Stone 006.jpg (54023 bytes)The stone was first prepared by having a flat area excised from the top surface
fixing plaque 007.jpg (59847 bytes)The Mason then drilled peg holes into the top of the stone which aligned with mounting screws on the back of the plaque. The holes were then filled with epoxy resin adhesive and the plaque mounting screws were pushed into the wet adhesive
mounted plaque.jpg (79092 bytes)The Millennium plaque is now fixed. The Plaque is correctly aligned with the compass points on it's surface

Redcliffe Nathan Salaman: Geneticist


Latitude 52 degrees 01 34-52 North

Domesday Book and Beora's Ley 

Ears of Barley

Plaque for Barley Stone.jpg (107693 bytes)

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Longitude 00 degrees 02 36-58 East

Thomas Willett, First Mayor of New York

Barley Millennium, 2000 AD

William Wareham and Thomas Herring, Rectors of Barley and Archbishops of Canterbury