Guide to the Barley Parish Plan 

The Barley Parish Plan is available for download here, the layout of the plan documents is as follows:

1. Introduction
Explains the purpose of the plan and how it came about.

2. Context
Background information on the parish; including a history of Barley, the responsibilities of local councils and other organisations for parish affairs and the planning system.

3. The Questionnaire
A summary of the responses to the questionnaire that was completed by villagers in January 2015. (The full detailed results can be found in Appendix E)

4. Opinions and Priorities
Using the results of the questionnaire, the issues that were asked about are ranked in order of importance and priority to villagers.

5. Moving Forward
This section is central to the plan; it takes the issues prioritised in section 4 and suggests how each could be dealt with by the village. For each priority, it details those organisations or people who would need to be involved, what action they could take, and a timeframe where relevant.

6. Conclusion
Emphasises that the plan needs involvement from all sides to make it a reality, and should be regularly reviewed and updated.

Appendix A, B & C
Various relevant maps

Appendix D
Blank copy of the questionnaire issued to all households in January 2015

Appendix E
The complete detailed results from the questionnaires completed and returned. For each question a bar chart shows the number of responses given and a pie chart shows the percentage split of those responses. There is also a summary of each comment box, detailing the various observations and suggestions made.

Appendix F
Details various relevant organisations, their responsibilities and contact details.

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Barley Parish Plan
Barley Parish Plan - Appendices