1. Present

Cllr Jerry Carlisle (Chairman), Cllr M O'Brien, Cllr G Clark, Cllr G Northen, Cllr Lee, Mrs Laura Childs (Clerk)

  1. Apologies

Cllr Ian Turner

  1. Councillor’s Declaration of Interest


  1. Planning

Ref no. 15/01789/1HH Ivy Cottage, High Street, Barley – two and first floor extension and two storey rear extension. One front rooflight and two rear rooflights and replacement glazed roof to veranda

Following discussions it was agreed that the Parish Council had no objections in principle to this application but the Parish Council made the following observations:

Ref no. 15/01901/1HH & 15/01902/1LB Nobles Cottage, Smiths End Lane, Barley – single storey rear extension, erection of detached double garage following demolition of existing detached carport and replace existing thatch to porch roof with hand-made clay tiles

Following discussions it was agreed that the Parish Council objected to these proposals on the basis that the design of the proposed garden room and garage are inappropriate and unsympathetic to this property. The property is listed and is one of, if not the oldest residential building in the village and sits in the conservation area, these proposals are totally contrary to the principles of development in the conservation area, which requires any development to maintain or enhance the character of the conservation area and so far as the listed status of the property is concerned any alterations or additions in our view similarly maintain or enhance the character of the property and not detract from either the character or setting of the property which in our view the proposed extension most certainly does and similarly but to a lesser degree the proposed detached garage.

  1. Parish Plan

Cllr O’Brien spoke on behalf of the Parish Plan Committee and reported that it has been just over a year since the Committee embarked on this project and that everyone had worked incredibly hard. They set out not to prejudge but to plot the villagers view points in a fair, open and unbiased manner. The villagers have shown that they like their village and the completed document represents the villagers aspirations for the future.


Cllr Carlisle thanked those of the Committee present for the plan that has clearly been an awful lot of work put into it. Well done to everyone involved and it is also extremely pleasing to see that the views of the village are fairly unified.

Cllr Lee spoke about the importance of what we now do with information contained within the finished plan and Cllr O’Brien asked that we keep the Parish Plan on the Parish Council agenda for meetings going forward.

Cllr O’Brien proposed that the Parish Plan is formally accepted and Cllr Northen seconded it. Agreed unanimously.

The aim is to launch the Parish Plan on the weekend of 22nd & 23rd August at The Chequers. The plan is to have a gazebo with visuals and copies of the plan for villagers to see. Invitations will be distributed around the village and a note is going into The Diary to invite people along to the event.

  1. Any Other Business

The Clerk was asked to write to the owners of Barley Croft, next to the surgery and opposite Draytons Garage, to request that they cut back the shrub which is overhanging the pavement.

The Clerk was also asked to write to the owners of Nobles Cottage to confirm that further the conversation they had with Cllr Carlisle last month, when it was agreed that the boundary line followed the line of the old fence and hedge and not the line of the new fence that has been erected, and asking that, as agreed, they would arrange for the fence to be moved back to its corret line.

Meeting closed at 21:53