1. Present

Cllr Jerry Carlisle (Chairman), Cllr Ian Turner, Cllr Tony Slater, Cllr Becky Wears, Cllr Graham Clark, Cllr Marc O’Brien, Mr Tim Martin (RFO), Mrs Laura Childs (Clerk),

2 members of the public - Mr Brian Haughey and Mr Timothy Ashcroft (who attended for part of the meeting).

  1. Apologies

District Cllr Gerald Morris

  1. Councillor’s Declaration of Interest

No declarations.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March 2014 were read and approved.

Proposed by Cllr Clark and seconded by Cllr O’Brien.

  1. Matters Arising

Cllr Carlisle has received no further details from Terry Wilkinson of Ringway on the possibility of the village hiring a gully clearance vehicle, the Clerk agreed to contact Mr Wilkinson to chase for the information requested. The Clerk was also asked to find out when the new ‘sleeve’ will be inserted into the drain on London Road.

Cllr Carlisle noted that the salt bin placed opposite Horseshoe Farm needs to be moved from its current location and placed near the entrance of Greenbury Close. The Clerk agreed to chase for the replacement salt bin at the end of Smiths End Lane which still has not been replaced.

Mr Brian Haughey explained that the grasscrete blocks for the police camera van to park on have now been installed and that the poles which will hold the vehicle activated signs have now been erected. The police camera van has not however been seen in the village yet and Mr Haughey agreed to request attendance via his contact Gordon Pearsall and District Cllr Tony Hunter.

The Clerk was asked to email District Cllr Hunter to ask what progress, if any, had been made on the introduction of a 30mph limit being introduced through Shaftenhoe End.

The Clerk reported that PCSO Chris Braebrook had asked for meeting dates and will be attending one of these meetings in the near future.


  1. Financial Officers Report & Signing of Payments

Mr Martin reported that the following payments were due this month

Parish Council

Weatherheads Servicing of strimmer & mower £ 295.90

Laura Childs Parish Clerk (March) £ 180.52

Hardcastle Burton PAYE processing fee (Qtr 1) £ 96.00

Tim Martin Responsible Financial Officer fee (March) £ 93.60

HAPTC Annual subscription £ 367.14

HMRC Tax & NI contributions (Quarter 1) £ 171.00

It was agreed that these payments should be made.

Proposed by Cllr I Turner and seconded by Cllr Clark

Town House

Busy Bee Various electrical works £ 664.80

Affinity Water Water & Sewage annual bill £ 376.75

Carol Robinson Cleaning (March) £ 75.00

It was agreed that these payments should be made.

Proposed by Cllr Slater and seconded by Cllr Wears

Mr Martin advised that he has received notification from Hardcastle Burton that they will be increasing their fees and received a revision to their standard terms of engagement.

The council reviewed the Audit Commission’s Annual Return for the council for the year ended 31st March 2014 which has been prepared by Mr Martin, the RFO. The council unanimously approved both the Accounting & Annual governance statements which were duly signed. Mr Martin will now forward these to Hardcastle Burton who will carry out the internal audit before they are submitted to BDO who will carry out the audit on behalf of the Audit Commission.

  1. Planning

Case ref: 14/00667/1HH ~ Rectory House, Shaftenoe End Road, Barley Full permission householder: Single storey side extension. Insertion of two roof lights to front elevation to facilitate conversion of first floor to living accommodation.

Following discussions it was unanimously agreed that there were no objections to this application subject to the residential use of the first floor accommodation being restricted to being ancillary to the use and occupation of the main dwelling. The Clerk was requested to advise NHDC accordingly.

Case ref: 14/00470/1HH ~ 7 Cambridge Road, Barley Full permission householder: Insertion of two rear dormer windows

It was unanimously agreed that there were no objections to this application and the Clerk was requested to advise NHDC accordingly.


Cllr Carlisle informed the meeting that he had learnt that the application to build residential properties in the gardens of the Fox & Hounds Public House had been granted permission as a reduced scheme of a pair of semi detached houses, dropping the detached third property. Cllr Carlisle has contacted the planners and registered his disapproval of their decision and asked why there was no further consultation regarding this different, reduced scheme.

North Hertfordshire District Council has issued an update of the Land Availability Assessment. It was noted, as a concern that the site next to the sewerage works could possibly accommodate up to 30 houses. Cllr Carlisle advised the meeting that whilst areas are listed it doesn’t mean that these sites will necessarily be allocated for development in the final version of the draft local plan but they are still being assessed as potential development sites including ‘Site 204 Land at Pudding Lane’ which the meeting was particularly disappointed to note.

  1. Town House

Cllr Turner reported that the upstairs kitchen has now been refurbished with fresh decorations, re-tiled and new flooring. There are still concerns that damp is coming through the walls and that there will need to be further renovations carried out to sort this problem out. The whole kitchen area is however looking much cleaner and brighter.

The Clerk reported that she had posted an advert in The Diary asking for volunteers to come forward to join the Town House committee. Cllr Turner reported that there has been some interest expressed.

Cllr Turner informed the meeting that the Town House AGM date is set for 14th May and all councillors are invited to attend. In this connection the Chairman gave his apologies but will not be able to attend as he will be out of the country on that day.

It was noted that the light over one of the fire exit doors was not illuminated and Cllr Turner said he would check with Busy Bee as he had thought that this had been attended to.

  1. Plaistow

Cllr Clark advised that the new fencing behind the Scout Hut hasn’t been started yet but would be undertaken during April.

Cllr Slater noted that some of the fence rails had been damaged and needed repair. Additionally the rope ladder needs to be taken down as the rope has been severed and only one strand is left, making it dangerous to use and which Cllr Clark agreed to attend to. The Cargo net is also very frayed and would need replacing soon.

The Clerk advised that RoSPA had written to say that the inspection of the play equipment would be carried out during May.

Discussions took place regarding the maintenance contract for the grass cutting of the Plaistow. Of the three tenders received it was decided to go with Stewart Bullard and the Clerk was asked to write to all the companies to advice of the councils decision. The Clerk agreed to forward details for Stewart Bullard to Cllr Clark and he would contact them to request a ‘first cut’ as soon as possible.


  1. Scout Hut

Mr Tim Ashcroft of Sapele Designs brought some drawings along to the meeting of his initial ideas for the siting of proposed changing rooms, showers and toilets for users of the Plaistow adjacent to the Scout Hut. The plans were discussed and in general these initial ideas were very well received. It was agreed that Cllr Carlisle and Mr Ashcroft should now take these drawings forward for discussion with the Scout Group.

  1. Health & Safety

Cllr Slater advised that his concerns over the damage to the play equipment had been covered under Item 9 of the agenda. He asked Cllr Turner to ensure that the various Health & Safety signs in the upstairs kitchen area of the Town House are hung back up.

  1. Parish Plan

It was agreed to arrange a meeting for 23rd April and the Clerk was asked to let all the volunteers know of this date. The Clerk was also requested to invite Stuart Izzard of NHDC to attend the meeting to assist with the next stage in taking a Parish Plan forward. Cllr Clark and Cllr O’Brien both agreed to attend the meeting and it was suggested that a sub-committee should be formed to allocated tasks etc.

  1. Correspondance

Cllr Carlisle has received a letter from North Herts Association of Parish, Town and Community Councils. The Clerk was asked to write back and thank them for their interest and ask if they would like to attend one of our future meetings to explain what services and assistance they can offer.

The Clerk gave Mr Martin a cheque for £50 being payment from one of the allotment holders.

  1. Any other business

Mr Martin reminded Cllr Turner that the tennis club accounts need to be sent to him for auditing, Cllr Turner agreed to chase for them. Cllr Carlisle asked that they are given to Mr Martin before the Village Meeting in May.

The date for the Parish Council AGM was agreed as Monday 19th May and the Village Meeting date was set for Wednesday 28th May. The Clerk was asked to post both of these dates in the next edition of The Diary.

Mr Martin reported that there has been a spate of oil thefts within the village, having been a victim himself. He urged anyone with an oil tank, particularly those close to the road, to be vigilant.

Cllr Wears reported that she has done some research using historic maps stored on line regarding Footpath 15 and reported that the track known as Freemans Lane was still in use in the 1940’s.

Mr Martin advised the meeting that he will be stepping down as the Parish Councils appointed Governor at Barley First School in September.

Cllr Clark asked when the electricity supplier to the Town House was due to be renewed as he felt it would be worth looking into using one of the ‘smaller’ suppliers to reduce costs.

Meeting closed at 10.35pm