1. Present: Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Ian Turner, Cllr Marc OBrien, Cllr Graham Clark, Mrs Laura Childs (Clerk), Mr Timothy Martin (Financial Officer), Mrs Carole Turner (Townhouse Committee)

In Attendance: 1 member of the public

  1. Apologies: Cllr Tony Slater, Cllr Geoff Kavanagh, Dst Cllr Gerald Morris

  1. Minutes of meeting on 5th December 2011

The minutes of the meeting on 5th December were read and approved.

Proposed by Cllr G Clark and seconded by Cllr J Carlisle

  1. Matters Arising

The Clerk explained that she had spoken with Jamie Sells at NHDC regarding the repairs that have been undertaken to the footpath at the rear of the Town House. Whilst Jamie agreed that the works completed were not as discussed, he has asked if the council are prepared to accept what is in place at a reduced cost to that previously agreed. Following a discussion it was agreed that the repairs as they stand are acceptable on the grounds that the Parish Council is not expected to contribute anything to the cost.

The Clerk has received confirmation from Gary Henning of Herts Highways that he has written to the Headteacher at Barley School regarding the relocation of the safety barrier outside the school gates. Mr Martin, in his capacity of Parish Council Governor to Barley School confirmed that a meeting was due to take place at the school, at which this matter is to be reviewed and a decision made. Cllr Carlisle expressed the view that if the school are to go against the advise of both Highways and the Parish Council in moving the barrier back to a safer location then the school may be liable for any injuries or damages caused by its current location.

Cllr Carlisle has received confirmation from Mr Geoffrey Wilkerson that he is happy to have the Winter Salt stored in one of his barns. The Clerk will inform NHDC of the delivery address and will liaise with Mr Wilkerson regarding a delivery date.

  1. Financial Officers Report & Signing of Payments

Payments this month

Parish Council

Hardcastle & Burton PAYE administration £42.00

Hardcastle & Burton Town House accounts & VAT advice £420.00

MD Landscapes October grass cutting of the Plaistow £66.00

Laura Childs Parish Clerk (December) £101.30

Malcolm George Oct ~ Dec Village maintenance & expenses £397.00

AFP Construction CDM Clubroom £132.00

Tim Martin Finance Officer (December) £36.00

Hanson Homes 50% Clubroom works completed £18,000.00

It was proposed by Cllr I Turner and seconded by Cllr G Clark that the payments should be made.


Town House

Carol Robinson Cleaning (Decembermber) £ 60.00

It was proposed by Cllr J Carlisle and seconded by Cllr G Clark that the payments should be made.

Mr Martin advised that an anonymous donation has been received for the Town House, Cllr Carlisle, on behalf of the Parish Council, expressed thanks.

Following discussions at the last Parish Council meeting and a careful review of the Budget for 2012 / 2013 prepared by Mr Martin, all Councillors were in agreement and it was resolved to keep the Precept at the current level of £22,000 for the year 2012 / 2013.

Mr Martin reported that following a thorough review Hardcastle & Burton could find no issues with the Town House accounts.

  1. Speeding Issues

Cllr Turner reported that December had been a quiet month and a full Speed Watch would resume again this month.

  1. Planning

Planning Application Reference 11/03043/1Club Room, Church Lane, Barley

Change of use of existing Club Room

Cllr Carlisle spoke about the re-application for change of use at the Club Room, following the restrictions that were placed by NHDC on the previous consent. The planning restrictions made the leasing of the Club Room untenable for both the Parish Council (as landlord) and the tenant.

It has been bought to the Councils attention that several trees have been removed from the garden of Dibble Cottage, School Lane. Cllr Carlisle asked the Clerk to check if full permissions had been gained.

Mr Kenyon of Hillcrest, Shaftenhoe End showed the meeting his plans for the property and asked if the Council thought they would have any objections to these proposals. Whilst the plans are only in their infancy, and have not yet been submitted to NHDC, it was felt that the proposals which appeared to be fairly modest in scale would not raise any fundamental concerns.

  1. Town House

Mrs Carole Turner advised the meeting that the Town House Committee have made the decision to proceed with fold up chairs, due to storage restrictions within the Town House. A grant has been sought for a portion of the £6,000 to £7,000 cost of the replacement chairs and it is hoped that they will be notified shortly on whether they have been successful. As soon as this decision is known, purchases will be made as the quantity of safe, usable chairs is now very limited.

Following discussions it was agreed that the Town House Committee are under represented by the Parish and would benefit greatly from new and additional Committee members. With regular fund raising proving to be needed more and more, the current Committee are finding it difficult to sustain the level of time needed to organise and run such events. Mrs Turner resolved to place an article in The Diary and also organise posting leaflets through doors in the village, informing of the work that the Committee carry out and the history of the Town House, in the hope of encouragingnew bloodto join the Committee.


Cllr Turner requested that more Parish Councillors, in their capacity as trustees to the Town House, are present at Town House Committee meetings.

  1. Recreation Ground

Football matches continue to be played on the Plaistow and no further concerns have been raised. Cllr Clark has received a copy of the Terms & Conditions under which Barkway lease their playing fields and he proposes to use this as a template for Terms & Conditions he is drawing up for the Plaistow pitch. Cllr Clark agreed to circulate the draft Terms & Conditions and invited any input before he circulates a final document.

10. Club Room

Cllr Carlisle confirmed that works are progressing well, a couple of additional items have however arisen which unfortunately need addressing and will add to the overall cost of the renovations.

As discussed under Planning (Item 7) we await the decision of the re-submitted application for change of use to enable us to proceed further with the legal side of the lease.

11. Scout Hut

In the absence of Cllr Kavanagh there was nothing to report this month.

12. Picknage Road Allotments

The water supply has yet to be connected, Cllr Turner will try and contact Nick White to arrange.

13. Health & Safety

In the absence of Cllr Slater there was nothing to report this month.

The monthly H&S checklists have been received by the clerk.

14. Correspondence

Correspondence received was to be circulated to Councillors.

15. Any other Business

Cllr O’Brien advised that it is his understanding that the number 31 bus service will be ceasing in March 2012 due to the operator Meridian losing their subsidiary.

Cllr Clark advised that a number of complaints have been received regarding cars parked on the pavement outside of The Ramblers in the High Street. Pedestrians are being forced to use the road to pass the vehicles and the Clerk was asked to write requesting that the residents stop parking there.

It was reported with great sadness that former Parish Clerk, Bridget Ashcroft, has passed away. Bridget acted twice as Clerk and the Parish Council extended their sympathy to her husband Tim and their boys.

The meeting closed at 10.30pm