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Town House




1.    Present:            Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Richard Elliott; Cllr Ian Turner; Mrs Bridget Ashcroft (Clerk) Mr Timothy Martin (Financial Officer)


In Attendance: Mr Brian Haughey and three members of the public



2.    Apologies: Carole Turner and Howard Marshall both sent their apologies.


3.    Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes were read and approved. Proposed by Cllr. V Martin and seconded by
Cllr. Ian Turner.


4.    Financial Officers Report & Signing of Payments

It was proposed by Cllr. I Turner and seconded by Cllr. R Elliott that the following payments be made.


Town House

Carol Robinson              January Cleaning                                          

                                       February Cleaning                                         

Paul Isle                         Cleaning Maintenance and Materials           

Alison Stacey                 Letting Officers Fee for Jan & Feb                 


It was proposed by Cllr. V Martin and seconded by Cllr. I Turner that the following payments be made.


Parish Council

Mrs Bridget Ashcroft     Clerks Fee for Dec, Jan & Feb                       


Mr Timothy Martin noted that had not as yet submitted an invoice for his work to date and offered to defer his payment for the previous year until further funds were available, this was appreciated by those present.


Mr Martin continued to report that he had received a response from the VAT office regarding the purchasing of new Marquees; however it was unhelpful as it referred him back to the VAT website. He also noted that the letter regarding whether money should be paid back to COIF was near completion and hopefully would be sent shortly.


5.    Matters Arising

Regarding the possibility of having a Lollipop Lady to help with crossing on High Street, Cllr. Carlisle had been in touch with North Herts District Council but they had not come back to him with the information he requested.


Cllr. Carlisle reported that the contractors were still awaiting an improvement in the weather before they carried out the repairs to the paving stones by the War Memorial.


Cllr. Smith passed an updated quotation for the work required to the Lock up to the Clerk for her to apply to the North Herts Area Committee and to English Heritage for possible funding.


Problems with Hertfordshire Highways treating London Road, High Street & Cambridge Road as three separate roads with regard to drains maintenance and resurfacing work was noted and the Clerk agreed to contact Hertfordshire Highways to draw their attention to the issue and clarify that they were all parts of the same continuous stretch of road.


Regarding funding available for repairing the road, the Clerk informed those present that she had written to Herts Highways regarding this matter but as yet had not heard back from them. She also agreed to contact them again and draw their attention to a pot hole that had appeared on the road between Barley and Great Chishill.



Cllr. Elliott reported that Richmonds had completed the repairs to the Town House, following one of their coaches damaging the tiles over one of the exterior staircases.


Cllr. Turner acknowledged that he had received notification of some areas of the web site that needed up dating and agreed to make the necessary changes.


6.    Speeding Issues

Further to the CD regarding traffic issues within the village which was distributed at the March meeting. Those present discussed its contents. It was generally agreed that speeding varied through the three roads, (London Road, High Street and Cambridge Road) that join to make the main road through the village. London Road and Cambridge Road both experience the brunt of the speeding that takes place where as High Street slows the traffic as most residents park on the street as their properties do not have off road parking. It was generally discussed whether the problem was considered serious enough to take action over and Cllr. Turner proposed a vote as to whether the Council were in agreement that something should be done about speeding generally in the village, Cllr. Slater abstained but otherwise the remaining members of the Council were in agreement with this statement.

Although this statement was agreed, the nature of what should be done was unclear. Although the information on the DVD provided statistics and a large volume of information, it was agreed that it provided a foundation for further discussions but that the information contained needed refining.

It was noted that Police figures regarding speeding on London Road had not been released, due possibly to ongoing operations, evidently there is a five year embargo before the information will be available.

In regard to Hertfordshire Highways, their brief was to look at the safety of the crossroads, possible options to improve safety that could be considered include chicanes, however, they would require lighting of some description, possibly car triggered lighting; another possibility could be countdown signage on the approach to the village. Funding may be available for this type of work but before any decision can be made it is necessary for the village to decide what type of improvement is preferred. It was agreed that a questionnaire circulated before a village meeting would probably be the best way to proceed.


7.    Planning

3 Putty Hall Cottages, Shaftenhoe End, Bogmoor Road, Barley, SG8 8LF

The parish council objects to the proposal due to the siting of the proposed development (garage). The council consider that any such structure should be relocated further back from the road and the tree line to a position behind or at least no further forward than the general building line of Putty Hall cottages and the existing outbuildings.


Appeal Regarding the Land North of Broadmere Pond Royston.

Barley Parish Council wish to vigorously repeat their objections to this application and ask the Inspector to uphold the decision of North Hertfordshire District Council to refuse the application and to therefore dismiss the appeal.


8.    Town House

Cllr. Turner reported that he had received a quotation to connect the sound systems on the bottom and top floors together which was approved by the Parish Council. It was noted that the next Town House meeting is on 21st April 2010 but as yet a new Caretaker has not been found.

With regard to reducing the cost of the heaters in the Town House, Cllr. Turner brought details of a switch that could be attached to each radiator that would automatically turn them off if they are left on. It was agreed by all that they should be purchased without further delay.

It was also noted that the Town House had been visited by someone producing a survey of public buildings with regard to funding. This should result in a report.


9.    Recreation Ground

Cllr. Turner had spoken to the company regarding replacing the bushes and bark and was waiting for the work to be scheduled. With regard to placing the bins, Cllr. Turner agreed to talk to Mr King to ask him to proceed.


10. Scout Hut

Nothing further to report.




11. Picknage Road Allotments

Cllr. Carlisle reported that further to meeting with James King and Mr Ashcroft, Mr King had provided a revised quotation for clearing the land, removing hard core and erecting fencing. Cllr. Turner noted that he had been asked how much the Council would charge for an allotment and it was agreed that decisions on this matter would only be made once the land had been cleared and it was known how many plots would fit on the land available.


12. Health & Safety

With regard to health and safety, Cllr. Elliott reported that on inspecting the children’s play area he had noted two broken bars that needed replacing on the fence.


13. Correspondence

Members Information 05.02.10, 12.02.10, 19.02.10, & 26.02.10

Meeting of the Planning Control Committee 18.02.10

Local Council of Clerks, course on managing paper 08.03.10

HAPTC Newsletter

NSPCC How to protect local children from abuse

Marshalls Paving circular

CWDC Children’s Workforce Development Council

Energy Saving Trust

Finlay and Son Restoration of wooden surfaces

Spring Outlook Magazine


14. Any Other Business

It was noted that the roof on the Club Room appeared to be in need of repair.


Cllr. Carlisle informed those present that currently the Parish Council was only able to legally register the part of the Plaistow that they had control over, as a result he asked Curwen’s the solicitors to contact the Playing Fields Trust regarding the possibility of them extending a long lease to the Parish Council so that should the need arise, the Council could act on behalf of the whole Plaistow.


The meeting finished at 10.30pm