1.    Present:    Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Richard Elliott; Mrs Bridget Ashcroft (Clerk) Mr Timothy Martin (Financial Officer)

In Attendance:           Laura Childs

2.    Apologies: Cllr. Ian Turner, Dist Cllr. Howard Marshall and Tim Martin

3.    Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes were read and approved. Proposed by Cllr. V Martin and seconded by
Cllr. Richard Elliott.

4.    Financial Officers Report and Signing of Payments

Cllr. V Martin presented the financial report in Mr Martin’s absence. He noted that the annual accounts had been sent to Hardcastle Burton for internal Audit and hoped they would be returned by 30th June in time for the external audit deadline. He had also spoken to Hardcastle Burton regarding their opinion on various VAT issues prior to submitting the VAT reclaim form for Barley Parish Council and Town House.

With regard to forthcoming payments, MD Landscapes have now resolved their invoicing situation and have submitted invoices both for the end of the 2009 season and for that of 2010 so far.

British Gas has been contacted regarding a high invoice received for the Town House to which we are still awaiting a response.

It was proposed by Cllr. P. Smith and seconded by Cllr. T. Slater that the following payments be made.


Parish Council

MD Landscapes                Grass Cutting 2009                           

Grass Cutting 2010                           

It was proposed by Cllr. V. Martin and seconded by Cllr. J. Carlisle that the following payment be made.

       J&J Carter                       New marquee                                     

       (Money to the same amount was also received from the Barley Show Committee)

It was proposed by Cllr. Richard Elliott and seconded by Cllr. Tony Slater that the following payments be made.

Town House

Carol Robinson                May Cleaning                                                 

Paul Isle                           Cleaning for May                                            

Paul Isle                           Flooring                                                          

Alison Stacey                   Letting Officers Fee for May                           

Cllr. V Martin                   Letting Officers Fee for May + keys                

Deposit Returns

                                                   Laura Hingley                                                


5.    Matters Arising

The Clerk reported that she had contacted the department responsible for providing a lollipop lady and was told that in the first instance the area concerned would be checked to establish if a crossing attendant was required.

Regarding the barrier outside the school, Hertfordshire Highways had been written to but had not responded by the time of the meeting.

Cllr. Carlisle noted that regarding the ownership of the freehold of the Plaistow land that it may well be necessary for a statutory declaration to be made.

6.    Speeding Issues

As the questionnaire was with Cllr. Turner, nothing further was discussed regarding this matter.

7.    Planning

10/01106/1HH Old Manor Farm, Shaftenhoe End, Bogmoor Road, Barley, Royston, SG8 8LE

The Parish Council objects to this application. The overall view was that the proposal detracts from the existing informal access off Bogmoor Road and the approach to not only Old Manor Farm but also to the other properties served and whilst the surface of the drive could no doubt be improved, the proposal is not in keeping with its surroundings. It was also felt that the amended corner combined with piers B & C providing access to the other residences at the top of the drive, could cause problems for emergency vehicles and any other large vehicles needing to access those properties. The Council also understands that little or no consultation has taken place with the affected owners about the proposals.

10/00986/1LB Roly Poly Cottage, Pudding Lane, Barley, Royston, SG8 8JU

No objections were raised regarding either the proposed alterations or listed building consent.

8.    Town House

Cllr. Martin reported that there had been no issues raised with either recent weddings. With regard to the connection of the sound systems, it was not known if this work had taken place as yet.

9.    Recreation Ground

It was noted that the replacement bins in the Plaistow were still not in place and the view of those present was that they should be in place before the Barley Show.

10. Scout Hut

There was nothing further to report and it was agreed that a meeting should be arranged with Mary Plowman regarding the preparation of provisional plans.

11. Picknage Road Allotments

The Clerk passed information to Cllr. Carlisle regarding the application of a grant from the National Lottery that may be able to provide additional funding for the capital expenses involved in providing the Allotments.

12. Health and Safety

Cllr. Elliott reported that bees had got into the rear of the Club Room and he would get some professional advice regarding what should be done about them.

He continued by informing those present that the Hawthorne tree that was overhanging the school playground had been cut back but that the centre of the tree was rotten and might need more severe pruning.

It was noted that the fencing around the school had not been replaced yet but that in order to do so the overgrown shrubs from the school would have to be removed. Once the work had been carried out the driveway to the Town House car park could be improved so that larger vehicles accessing the car park would not need to drive on the paving slabs on the other side.  With regard to the broken slabs, the Clerk was asked to contact the District Council who provide the bottle banks to request that they replace the damaged paving stones. The Clerk was also asked to speak to Malcolm George and request that he clear the weeds and tidy the perimeter of the Town House car park.

13. Correspondence

Members Information 04.06.10 28.05.10 21.05.10 & 14.05.10

Meeting of the Planning Control Committee 26.05.10

Local Council of Clerks

Community Play areas

HAPTC news letter

Back 2 Netball leaflet

14. Any other Business

It was noted that The Fox and Hounds is up for sale, also regarding the Fox and Hounds Cllr. Slater noted that two of the coping stones to the wall fronting the High St were loose and the Clerk was asked to contact Punch Tavern to request that they repair them as the wall borders the public footpath.

Cllr. Slater also requested that the Clerk find out who is responsible for pruning the trees on Bankside as they are in need of top lifting.

Cllr. Elliott noted that the bushes bordering the footpath and the Richmond Coach’s car park on Church End need cutting back. As this work is usually done before the Barley Show, no further action was thought necessary at this time.


With regard to the Parish Paths Partnership, the Clerk was asked to take up their offer of a working party to put the remaining benches in place. Two benches are required on the cricket pitch and two on the right hand side of the path from the Chequers Public House to Newsells farm.

The Meeting Closed at 9.45pm