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Town House




Present:            Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Richard Elliott; Cllr Ian Turner; Mrs Bridget Ashcroft (Clerk) Mr Timothy Martin (Financial Officer)


In Attendance: Dist Cllr. Tony Hunter, Dist Cllr. Howard Marshall, Mr Brian Haughey and
Mrs Sasha Hills.


 Apologies: None 

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes were read and approved. Proposed by Cllr. V Martin and seconded by
Cllr. Richard Elliott.

Financial Officers Report & Signing of Payments  

Parish Council

It was proposed by Cllr. T Slater and seconded by Cllr. I Turner that the following payments be made. 

Curwen’s Solicitors                                                 

CDA Annual Subscription                                       

Malcolm George (Petrol for mower)                                    

Malcolm George (Oct, Nov, Dec)                               


Mr George supplied quotations for his work for the forthcoming year to continue clearing the footpaths and mowing the grass in the Children’s play area. It was discussed and agreed unanimously that the quotations should be accepted but with the provision that the Strimmer should be replaced and the Mower should be serviced. 

Town House

It was proposed by Cllr. R Elliott and seconded by Cllr. V Martin that the following payments be made.

 Busy Bee Electrics (connect & reconnect cooker)               

Busy Bee Electrics (disconnect and provide new supply)    

Fire extinguisher check                                                    

Paul Isle January cleaning                                      

Carol Robinson January cleaning                                                  

Mr Martin reported to those present that he intended to write a letter to the VAT office to clarify the situation regarding the purchase of the new Marquees and Cllr. Slater agreed to speak with Jack Shepherd regarding changing the wording of the Barley Show constitution, to correctly identify the Barley Show Committee as a sub-committee of the Parish Council.  

Regarding the letter to COIF, Mr Martin noted it was close to completion outlining both the history of our current position and how best to proceed with the fund for the future. 

Mr Martin also noted that the person letting the Town House who had fallen into arrears had now disappeared altogether owing approximately £500.00. 

Finally Mr Martin noted that he had not received any statements from the Tennis Club since last July and it was agreed that a meeting of the Tennis Club Committee was due. 

Matters Arising

It was noted that Hertfordshire Highways had identified some of the pot holes in need of repair on the roads around Barley following the winter snows however many still remain unmarked. Dist Cllr. Marshall informed those present that work is programmed to be done and that a budget of £21,000 has been allocated for works in Barley. The Clerk agreed to write to Hertfordshire Highways to find out if this money is only for the work planned for the High Street or is for the village in general as the junction of Shaftenhoe End with Church End is in very poor condition, also the junction of the Doctors Surgery to High Street is also prone to flooding and is in need of repair.

Cllr. Smith informed those present that he was still waiting for an updated quotation for work on the Lock up. 

Regarding the work to the War Memorial, Cllr. Carlisle had been in touch with the Contractor who had informed him that the work had been delayed by the weather and would be carried out once the weather improved. 

Cllr. Elliott and Cllr. Carlisle noted that the parties interested in letting the Club Room had returned for a second viewing with a contractor to estimate for the work that would be involved. Nothing further had been heard so far regarding this matter. 

Speeding Issues

Mr Haughey provided the Council with a DVD containing information relating to traffic calming measures within the village, giving details of all correspondence and meetings so far between the Parish Council and Hertfordshire Highways, this had been produced following the meeting between the two parties last summer. 

The DVD provided data from both 2008 and 2009 showing that the problem with speeding was increasing. Cllr. Carlisle questioned the accuracy of Mr Haughey’s figures but this did not appear to be an issue as his figures were in line with those supplied by Hertfordshire Highways. 

Mr Haughey raised a number of issues with the report he had been given by Hertfordshire Highways in the summer, including the details on site lines and whether street lighting is mandatory or advised in relation to placing width restrictions at the entrances to the village.
Dist Cllr. Hunter agreed to clarify this matter with Hertfordshire Highways before the next meeting so that the Council would have a clear understanding of what would be allowed before the matter was discussed further. 

The high cost of implementing traffic calming measures was discussed and it was agreed by all that if a decision to was taken to proceed with these measures, then the whole Council needed to be in agreement and it would probably be necessary to produce a Parish Plan that would open up avenues of funding. 

Because the Council only received the DVD that evening, it was agreed that further discussion and a vote on how the Council wished to proceed regarding traffic calming measures would take place at the next meeting on March 1st 2010. 

Cllr. Carlisle thanked Cllr. Turner and Mr Haughey for the work they had done to date.

Mrs Hills attended the meeting to speak on behalf of the parents with children attending Barley School. They were concerned about the difficulty in crossing the High Street close to the junction with Church End. It was acknowledged that the corner where Richmond’s Garage is situated is a dangerous place to cross, not only because of the bend in the road but because of the cars parked down one side and the lack of pavement bordering the bank of Bank Side which prevents mothers with young children and push chairs being able to cross the road lower down where the road has better visibility.

Possible solutions to this problem discussed were putting a mirror on the telegraph pole by the Fox and Hounds to give pedestrians clearer visibility, parking restrictions to prevent cars parking at the junction and whether a Lollipop person was a viable solution. The Council agreed to look into these possibilities and report back. 


6 Cambridge Road, Barley: No objections were raised.


Town House

Cllr. Turner reported that the new cooker was now installed with the correct supply cable.  

Regarding the electricity provider for the Town House, it was agreed that the current bills were high and ways of reducing them if possible should be looked at, not only by checking to see if a better tariff could be found but also by educating the people using the Town House to turn off heaters when leaving the building and not to put them on unnecessarily too far in advance of events taking place later in the day. 

It was noted that bookings for January were down and that a Caretaker still had not been found to replace Paul Isle. It was agreed that as a temporary measure Cllr. Turner and Mr Martin would cover the position until a more permanent solution was found. 

Recreation Ground

With regard to the ROSPA report, Cllr. Turner noted that the defective goal posts had now been removed. Regarding the swing brushes, one is missing and the others are loose. A contractor used by the local authority to maintain their play areas had been contacted to quote for this work along with a replacement cargo net and extra play bark. 

It was then discussed when the new waste bins should be installed and it was agreed to accept the existing quote provided for the work by Mr King. Cllr. Martin proposed that the quote be accepted and it was seconded by Cllr. Elliott.  Cllr. Turner agreed to contact Mr King regarding scheduling the work. 

Scout Hut

No further news to report.


Picknage Road Allotments

A meeting for Friday 5th 2010 had been agreed for Cllr. Carlisle to meet with the contractor and Mr Ashcroft to discuss the method statement required for the work to proceed.


Health & Safety

Cllr. Elliott informed those present that a meeting with Janine Drew of Drew and Barltrop Health and Safety advisors had been booked for March 8th 2010. Further to their previous visit nothing was outstanding other than covers for the strip lights needed to be put in place.

 It was noted that the brambles from the school side of the driveway to the Town House car park needed to be trimmed back as they were causing vehicles to drive on the pavement resulting in cracking the paving stones on the other side of the driveway, this paving is now in need of repair as a result.

 Cllr. Elliott also reported that a small accident had taken place recently where a Richmond’s coach had damaged the staircase entrance nearest to the car park whilst reversing. No one had been hurt in the incident and Richmond’s had agreed to pay for the damage caused.

 Those present were informed that the Health and Safety statement for the Parish Council had now been re-stated and it was agreed that all those working with the Council as Sub Committees should be reminded of its content.


Invitations to NHDC meetings 20.01.10 & 25.01.10

NHDC Members Information 15.01.10, 22.01.10 & 29.01.10

CDA for Herts Newsletter and report of AGM

CDA Membership Form

ROSPA Information

Road Victims Trust Annual Report


Any Other Business

Cllr Turner spoke about the village website which has not been updated for some time and requested that those present review the current site and send any suggestions regarding its improvement for him to implement if appropriate.


Cllr. Elliott noted that the salt bin close to Putty Hall cottages had been flattened by a vehicle and was in need of replacing. The Clerk agreed to report the matter.


Meeting Concluded at 10.10pm