1. Present: Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Ian Turner;

Cllr Richard Elliott; Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Philip Smith; Mrs Laura Childs (Clerk); Mr Timothy Martin (Financial Officer)

      In Attendance: Carole Turner (Chairman of Town House Committee)

  1. Apologies: None
  2. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. 

Proposed by Cllr V Martin and seconded by Cllr R Elliott

  1. Matters Arising

The Clerk confirmed that she has received an email from Dave Standen at Hertfordshire Highways regarding the required relocation of the safety barrier outside the school.  He confirmed that the job has now been placed on the works list.  The Clerk asked him to make contact with one of our Councillors prior to relocation to ensure it is placed in the correct location this time.

The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken to Jamie Sells at the Waste & Recycling department NHDC regarding replacing the broken paving stones damaged by their lorries.  Whilst he hasn’t had official confirmation back yet from their insurance department he felt that the overall opinion was that as nobody had actually witnessed the damage occurring it would be difficult to prove that the recycling vehicles were responsible.  Jamie asked if it could be put to the council if they would be willing to meet half way on the costs of the repairs required.  Following discussions  it was decided that as the original works were paid for by the Parish Council and the damage was undoubtedly done by the vehicles emptying the bottle banks the council would not be prepared to assist with the costs of repair.  The Clerk will respond with our stance on the matter.

The Clerk agreed to continue email correspondence with Punch Taverns.  It is thought that the offer on the Fox & Hounds has fallen through and whilst the property remained in the ownership of Punch Taverns they should be responsible for the necessary repairs to the loose copping stones on the wall bordering the pub car park which remain a hazard.

The pot holes, uneven road surface and gully/drain clearance have all been reported to Hertfordshire Highways and acknowledgements have been received.  The repair in London Road has been completed however the pot hole in Chishill Road continues to cause problems and is becoming increasingly hazardous.  The Clerk agreed to continue requesting dates for repair.  Dave Standen has confirmed that the gully clearance has been added to the list of works but no date has yet been given.

The Clerk confirmed that she had written to Hertfordshire Highways regarding the gabions in Bogmoor Road and the granite boulders within them which are being stolen.  An acknowledgement has been received.

  1. Financial Officers Report & Signing of Payments

After considerable debate the council resolved to adopt a precept of £22,000 for 2010 – 2011.

Payments this month

Parish Council

Laura Childs             Parish Clerk (November)                        

Tim Martin               Financial Officer (October & November)    

Tim Martin               Refund for annual renewal of Village web-

                             Site hosting (Host-it)                             

Malcolm George        Grass cutting and maintenance Play Area  


It was proposed by Cllr T Slater and seconded by Cllr P Smith that the payments should be made.


Town House

C Robinson              Cleaning November                               

V Martin                  Letting officers fee November                

Busy Bee                Various electrical services                      

P Isle                      Polishing floors                                     

It was proposed by Cllr R Elliott and seconded by Cllr T Slater that the payments should be made.

  1. Speeding Issues

Nothing further to report.

  1. Planning

10/02658/1 & 10/02659/1CAC – Land at September Cottage, High Street, Barley, Royston,


Cllr T Slater declared an interest in this application as he lives near to the property.

After some discussion it was unanimously agreed that the council objects to both applications to renew planning permissions 05/01152/1 granted on 2/2/06 and Conservation Area Consent 05/01153/CAC also granted 2/2/06.  The council noted that NHDC had granted consent in 2006 despite the Parish Councils objections at the time.  So far as the Parish Council is concerned it is not aware that there have been any subsequent material changes (for example to either planning policy or other related matters) since 2005/2006 that should affect their deliberations and therefore they resolved to repeat their objections, as previously notified to NHDC in September 2005, to both applications.

  1. Town House

Carole Turner advised the Parish Council that the electricity supplier will be changing to Scottish Power shortly which should result in a reduction in bills of approx 30%. 


Carole confirmed that despite thorough checks of the chairs another couple of chairs that had passed the initial safety checks had subsequently collapsed and it was therefore felt that all chairs would need to be replaced as a matter of urgency.  Carole said that she would try to obtain a grant for the funding of this.

Carole informed the meeting that she has been advised by the local fire brigade that while desirable the fabric for new curtains does not need to be fire retardant.  This meant that replacing them becomes more affordable.

Carole agreed to request the electrical contractor, Busy Bee, to compile a list of possible expenditure that might arise over the next 1-2 years to better enable the committee to plan expenditure in this area. In the meantime Carole advised that during the last Health & Safety inspection it was highlighted that the outside lights on the two staircases that act as fire escapes from the 1st floor need to be permanently lit when the building is being used and this was in hand.  Additionally there are frost stat sensors that are currently located in a cupboard that need to be repositioned to better protect the water supplies in the toilet and kitchen areas from freezing. Once relocated there should be further potential savings in heating costs during cold weather.

All Councillors have received a suggested list of priorities for expenditure from the secretary of the Town House committee.  Although the Parish Council, as trustee of the Town House considered the list of priorities (as set out in paragraph 7.1 of the draft minutes of the Town House Management Committee meeting held on 18th October 2010) and did not disagree with the list they nevertheless felt it was a matter for the committee to determine and to recommend to the Parish Council accordingly together with proposals as to timing and how the expenditure is to be funded.  

The position of Caretaker for the Town House is still vacant and Carole said that they would advertise again.

  1. Recreation Ground

No issues outstanding or arising.

  1. Scout Hut

      Nothing further to report.

  1. Picknage Road Allotments

The contractor has now started work on clearing the site and making good progress.  It was noted that the roadside verge needs trimming back too.

  1. Health and Safety

The Clerk is still to complete a Display Screen Equipment self assessment and will undertake this before the next meeting.

It was noted that two fencing rails in the Playstowe needed repair, one near the goal posts and one to the rear of the childrens play area.  Cllr Elliott and Cllr Turner agreed to repair.

An alarm tester has been purchased to test the fire alarms and checks have been carried out.

Drew & Barltrop are still to advise on the issue of whether the fridges, which are required to be left empty after each hiring of the property, should be left switched on or off when the building is not being used. 

The council is still awaiting advice from Drew & Barltrop regarding the preparation of a village Emergency Plan.


Correspondence received was to be circulated to Councillors.

  1. Any other Business

Cllr Elliott advised that the salt from the bin in Shaftenhoe End was being stolen and needed to be replaced, the Clerk agreed to contact Hertfordshire Highways to ask them to refill all bins in the village.

The roof to the Club Room needs further inspection to see if repairs are required and it was also noted that the windows possibly needed boarding up.

The Clerk advised that she had spoken with Michelle Roberts of Countryside Management Service and confirmed that the total monies received for the village map project was £2,700.  Michelle has confirmed that we have until April 2011 to begin to make progress with this project.

Email correspondence has been received from Ann Kelly of the War Memorials Trust asking if our War Memorial was listed and if not then she could undertake this task.  It was confirmed that the War Memorial was not listed and that the Clerk was to ask Ann to take this forward on the Councils behalf.

Both the Clerk and Cllr Carlisle have been contacted by Stuart Izzard of NHDC Community Development regarding monies held by NHDC in connection with unilateral undertakings made by the recipients of certain planning permissions for various developments within the parish. As previously reported these monies are available to the Parish Council to help towards the cost of certain qualifying projects. Mr. Izzard has proposed that he comes to a meeting to discuss what his role is and how he may help the Parish Council release these monies.

A number of parishioners have commented to the Parish Council that the car park to Barley Surgery has been very icy and hazardous during the recent cold weather and that the Surgery had appeared to be slow putting salt down or otherwise to try to alleviate the problem.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Practice Manager and the Senior Partner to advise of the comments received.

Tim Martin, Parish Council Governor to Barley School advised that the school now had a temporary, part time, non-teaching Head for the next two terms named Carol Arrowsmith.  They would be recruiting in January for a full time head to start September 2011.

Cllr Carlisle had been requested by Stuart Finley if the council would make time for him to come and discuss some development proposals he has in mind.  The council agreed for him to make a presentation prior to seeking planning permission and it was suggested that he attends the next meeting.

     The meeting closed at 10.10pm