1.    Present: Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Richard Elliott; Cllr Ian Turner; Mrs Bridget Ashcroft (Clerk) Mr Timothy Martin (Financial Officer)

In Attendance:        Dist Cllr. Howard Marshall and ten members of the public


2.    Apologies: None

3.    Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes were read and approved. Proposed by Cllr. V Martin and seconded by
Cllr. Ian Turner.

4.    Proposed Wind Farm at Great Chishill/Heydon

The meeting was attended by representatives of Great Chishill and Heydon Parish Council including Andrew Gardener, Chairman of Great Chishill Parish Council and Diana McFadden, Chairman of Heydon Parish Council. They had requested that this item be added to Barley’s agenda so that Barley Parish Council could be brought up to date regarding the feasibility studies that will be taking place relating to the possibility of placing 11 wind turbines on the land close to Heydon Road and in close proximity to some houses in Heydon. Evidently several councils in South Cambridgeshire are being consulted about the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment that will be required as part of any planning application that may at some point be made and both Heydon and Great Chishill had already responded to the document they received. A copy of their response was passed to Barley Parish Council for their information.

One reason for attending the Barley meeting was that as the study was at its earliest stages and had not reached the planning stage yet, the Councils involved had to remain impartial, however that did not prevent them informing neighbouring Councils of the proposals who could respond if they wished. If Barley wished to respond they needed to write to the Planning Officer of South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Both Heydon and Great Chishill had held public meetings both to inform residents and give resident feedback to the Parish Councils. The meeting in Heydon was also attended by Mike Barnard, a wind farm consultant experienced in fighting such developments.

In response to the public meetings a number of people had put their names down to form an action group against the proposed turbines separate from the Parish Council, anyone interested in joining the group needed to contact Sarah Scott. It was noted that the proposed turbines would be the highest yet seen on mainland UK and concerns had already been expressed by Duxford Imperial War Museum as it was thought the turbines would interfere with radar signals and as a result would prevent aerial displays being held there.

Heydon Parish Councillor Mr Michael Carol, informed those present that according to Mr Barnard’s past experience, once a wind farm is established, they often extend and the classification of the surrounding land could be changed so that even if Barley is not directly involved in the decision now, this may change at a later date if a decision is taken in favour of building the turbines.

Dist Cllr. Howard Marshall commented that a recent proposal to place turbines in a scenic setting close to Reed had been rejected by North Herts. Planning Officers on the grounds that its impact would be too great on its surroundings and would cause a radar black spot. It was suggested that Heydon and Great Chishill Parish Councils looked in detail at the North Herts. response as their arguments may be applicable to the current situation.


It was agreed that Barley Parish Council would be made aware of any further developments and that an
e-mail would be sent to the Clerk and circulated to the Council showing the location and extent of the scoping document in discussion.



5.    Financial Officers Report & Signing of Payments

Mr. Martin reported that he had received a reply to the letter sent to the Charity Commission regarding the repayment of the earlier loan. They accepted the explanation offered by the Parish Council and confirmed that the money did not need to be repaid.

It was proposed by Cllr. V Martin and seconded by Cllr. R Elliott that the following payments be made.

Town House

NHDC Rates                                                                                          

Carol Robinson              March Cleaning                                             

Paul Isle                         Cleaning Maintenance and Materials                       

Alison Stacey                 Advertising, caretaking and L.O. Fee March  £441.40

It was proposed by Cllr. T Slater and seconded by Cllr. P Smith that the following payments be made.

Parish Council

Weatherheads               Servicing mower                                 

New Strimmer                                                                             

Tim Martin                       Refund for Electricity Bill                     

Insurance                        Town House and Contents                  

Malcolm George              Bin Emptying                                       

HAPTC                            Subscription renewal                           

Event Account

J Rawlinson                    Deposit returned                                  


6.    Matters Arising

No further information had been received regarding the possibility of having a lollipop lady to assist school children with crossing High Street.

Regarding the remedial work required to the area adjoining the War Memorial, the contractor involved had said that they intended to carry out the work in the next two to three weeks.

Cllr Turner informed the meeting that in relation to the work undertaken to the War Memorial itself last year that if a grant was to be received for this work, an application needed to be made by the end of the month, along with a copy of the invoice for the work undertaken. With regard to the balance of the funds required, there appeared to be a difference of approach, on the one hand, it was thought that donations from local individuals could fund the work required and on the other it was suggested that the fund should be open to Public Subscription so that everyone could contribute rather than just a handful of individuals.

It was noted that the road works carried out on High Street had been poorly finished and only part of the work had been done. The Clerk agreed to write to Hertfordshire Highways and to copy the letter to District Councillor Tony Hunter.

Cllr. Carlisle informed those present that he had been in touch with Curwen’s Solicitors regarding the registration of the Parish Council’s legal interest in the portion of the Plaistow that is designated VillageGreen/Common Land. Curwen’s are currently checking their records of title deeds that they hold. It may be necessary for the Parish Council to provide a statutory declaration relating to their ownership of the land in question.

7.    Speeding Issues

Further to the last meeting, Mr Haughey had e-mailed Cllr. Carlisle possible questions for the questionnaire. The questions were generally considered to be fair but it was agreed that the wording to go with the questions needed to be worked on. Cllr. Turner wanted to know if the questionnaire could be put on the village website but it was felt that this was not appropriate and that the questionnaire should be distributed around the village so that everyone could voice their opinion rather than just those with internet access.

It was acknowledged that all the information garnered so far related to speeding issues on London Road, High Street & Cambridge Road. Cllr. Carlisle felt that the village should be looked at as a whole and requested that the Clerk contact Highways to request that Picknage Road and Church End were assessed for speeding also. Mr Haughey offered the use of his speed gun equipment to any resident of these two roads if they wished to check speeding for themselves. It was generally felt that until further information had been received it would be difficult to make further decisions on how to proceed with speed calming measures.  

It was reported that although the village is unlikely to receive coverage by the Police in regard to checking speeding traffic, residents are allowed to take note of the number plates of speeding vehicles along with location and time and take the information to Royston Police station where they will write to the person concerned, if they are written to twice then they will be fined. The Council was then informed of a meeting of the safer neighbourhood committee taking place on 19th May 2010 at 10.30am, Cllr. Turner and Mr Haughey agreed to try to and attend.

8.    Planning

Rose Cottage 10/00503/1LB

The Parish Council unanimously object to this proposed development.  On reviewing the application, the Parish Council noted that although the previous application appeared to have been rejected /withdrawn, the current application was in their opinion little different from the previous one.  The Councils objections therefore remain essentially the same as with the previous application. The property concerned is outside the village envelope / development boundary and accordingly under the current Local Development Plan the presumption is generally against development in this location. The property is also within the village conservation area. The existing building the subject of the application is currently an old low rise storage shed and has never been used as a dwelling and the Council considered that the applicant had not made anything like a sufficient case to warrant the approval of the application. It was also noted that the proposed development is a standalone structure with no attempt to connect to the existing house to extend its living space. 

If however despite the Council's objections NHDC were nevertheless minded to approve the application then the Council would wish to see an enforceable condition imposed such that the use of the proposed development was as ancilliary accomodation to the main dwelling only and not for any other purpose. 


3 Putty Hall Cottages, Shaftenhoe End 10/00055/1HH

The Parish Council object to this revised application. The Parish Council noted that the proposed development (garage) had now been sited further away from the tree line, however, the Council still considered that the structure should be relocated further back from the road and the tree line to a position behind, or at least no further forward than the general building line of Putty Hall cottages and the existing outbuildings. 

9.    Town House

Cllr. Turner informed those present that the time switches had now been fitted to all the radiators in the Town House; however the noise limiters on the two floors have not been connected together yet as the electrician was still waiting for components.

Regarding the meeting with Health and Safety advisors Drew and Barltrop, the only issues to be raised were the number of keys for the Town House, the need to provide covers for the light fittings that currently do not have any and that the fire system check should take place twice a year rather than once as is currently the case.

Comments were made regarding the need to replace the curtains and Cllr. Martin agreed to look into what the cost of this would be.


10. Recreation Ground

With regard to the work to the play equipment, Cllr. Turner was still waiting to be given a date by the company employed to do the work, however he was able to inform those present that the bark had been ordered as had the bushes, however arrangements still needed to be made to put the new bins in position.

11. Scout Hut

It was reported that the architect Mary Plowman had been approached regarding the matter and she had expressed an interest in working on the project.


12. Picknage Road Allotments

Cllr. Carlisle informed those present that Mr Ashcroft was preparing a method statement for the carrying out of the work by the contractor which will need to be agreed by the contractor with Highways. This is expected to be available within the next few days.


13. Health & Safety

Cllr. Elliott requested that the Clerk have a PAT test carried out on any Parish Council equipment at her home. It was also brought to the attention of those present that the Parish Council Health and Safety policy needed to be acknowledged and minuted at both the Town House AGM and at the Tennis Club AGM to ensure that all concerned are aware of its content.

14. Correspondence

ROSPA notification cards

Notice from Oliver Heald regarding planning

Acknowledgement to letter written to Hertz Highways

Energy saving circular

Society of Local Council Clerks notice

LCR magazine

Members Information 05.03.10 12.03.10 19.03.10 26.03.10 02.04.10

Meeting of the Planning Control Committee 11.03.10 17.03.10 15.04.10

15. Any Other Business

It was questioned if the grass cutters employed to cut the Plaistow grass were going to continue. Neither the Clerk nor Mr Martin had received anything from the company either to say what the costs would be for this year or to say that they did not intend to continue cutting the grass as before so the Clerk agreed to contact the firm to confirm the situation.

A letter from the Countryside Management Service had been received regarding earlier grants that had been given for benches and a map board. Cllr. Smith agreed to confirm the number of benches he still had to site and the Clerk agreed to contact Barkway Parish Council to find out who provided their map board.

Cllr. Martin reported that due to Mrs Stacey being unwell, she was currently looking after the Town House letting for the time being.  

The Clerk informed those present that due to personal commitments she was unable to continue in the position and was handing in her notice with the intention of finishing as Clerk by the end of August. The Clerk agreed to put an advert in The Diary to find a replacement.


Meeting closed at 11pm