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Present:      Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Richard Elliott; Cllr Ian Turner; Mrs Bridget Ashcroft (Clerk), Mr Tim Martin (Finance Officer) and County Councillor Howard Marshall.

Apologies: None were received.

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved. Acceptance was Proposed by Cllr. V Martin and seconded by Cllr. R Elliott.

Matters Arising

Regarding the Club Room, Cllr Carlisle reported that he had heard from Curwen’s the solicitors to the effect that there was no legal reason to prevent the Parish Council from either letting or selling the building if they chose.

It was noted that the illuminated speed sign had been removed by the Highways department from the Cambridge Road end of the village following an accident. The sensor strips had also been removed from the same location but at the time of the meeting no data from them had been received.  It was also commented on that further sensor strips had also been positioned on the access roads to the village from Great Chishill and Royston.

The consultation period regarding revised land allocation around the village is due to end shortly. It was hoped that the results of previous housing surveys would be taken into account that would show large scale development within the village was not required.

County Cllr. Marshall informed those present that strip repairs were to take place down the High Street. The large number of lorries from Anstey Quarry were cited as largely responsible for the poor repair of the roads between the Quarry and the A505 and the Council were informed that should they wish to comment of the matter, Dr Bob Davidson of Barkway was collating information regarding the frequency and timing of the Quarry vehicles.

With regard to Hertfordshire Highways department, it was noted that Mr Flowerday had now taken over from Adrian Redrup.

The Clerk reported that she had been in touch with Debra Priddy from English Heritage regarding the lock up and she had recommended that the Parish Council acquire a professional report to detail the work that is required. It was the Councils impression that such a report had already been produced when Ms Priddy visited the lock up some time ago so the Clerk agreed to contact Ms Priddy again to find out if that was the case and if so to ask for a copy of that report.

Town House

Cllr Turner noted that the Town House Committee Meeting would take place the next day on 6th October 2009. He continued by reporting that further to responding to the complaint regarding the fridges and cookers, nothing further had been heard from the complainant.

It was commented on that there had been some difficulties with the Railway Club who had proved to be very inflexible regarding a longstanding booking for a wedding. It was also discussed that the usual electrical contractor used at the Town House had been difficult to get hold of and two other firms were suggested as alternatives.

With regard to the matter of the recent high electricity bill for the Town House, no further information regarding this was available at the time of the meeting.

Recreation Ground

Further to receiving the latest Rospa report, it was noted that the gaps on the gate needed to be adjusted, the brushes on the swings were in need of changing and the level of bark beneath the climbing frame was also shown to be in need of fresh bark. In general it was commented that there was excessive weed growth and that the 5 a side goals should be removed. Cllr Elliott commented that he knew of someone who would be able to do this on behalf of the Council.

NHDC had written to the Council offering to carry out a health and safety assessment on the play area and it was agreed that the Clerk would write back to them to inform them that Rospa were doing this already on the Councils behalf. It was also agreed that Cllr Turner would write to Rospa confirming that we would like them to continue until further notice with their annual assessments of the play area.

Regarding gateways from private houses onto the Plaistow, the Clerk agreed to pass to
Cllr Carlisle a copy of the letter written for this purpose by the previous Clerk Anne Wright.

Scout Hut

Further to requests from the Scouts that they would require independent access and an area designated for their own use in any new building, an outline scheme for the new building on the site of the Scout Hut had been altered to allow this to happen. However, it was generally felt that it was time to seek some professional architectural assistance if the project were to advance further and Cllr Turner and Cllr Smith agreed to approach a local firm for an indication of the costs involved.


It was noted that Mr Ashcroft had received an e-mail from Chris Simpson regarding access to the site; he was due to meet with his area manager the next day and was hopeful that progress could now be made.

Health & Safety

Cllr Elliott informed those present that there was a meeting on 7th October 2009 at 9am with the Councils health and safety consultants Drew and Barltrop to look at the Town House and the Recreation Area should any of the other Councillors wish to attend.

Of work still outstanding, Cllr Elliott noted that the faults on the fire alarm still had not been resolved and Cllr Turner agreed to meet with Cllr Elliott to resolve this before the meeting on 7th October, it was noted that Security Plus normally check the fire alarm and it was agreed to remind them to carry out a check annually. It was also agreed that an electrical contractor was needed to carry out the annual check on appliances within the Town House.  Once an electrician has been found it was agreed that the strip lights in the kitchens and toilets should be replaced.

Cllr Elliott finally noted that the Club Room windows were in need of some work but that due to the recent dry period the basement was currently dry.


HAPTC Weekly Bulletins for 18.09.09 – 25.09.09 – 02.10.09

Drew & Barltrop to Richard Elliott

Stop Stansted Expansion e-mail

NHDC Members Information11.09.09 – 18.09.09 – 25.09.09 – 02.10.09

NHDC Royston & District Committee Invitation to attend Planning Control Committee: 30.09.09 - 08.10.09

Acknowledgement of receipt of representations re Land Allocations

NHDC Meeting 12.10.09 6pm re: Local Strategic Partnership Annual Community Conference.

NHDC Green Space Standards

Resource for new Clerks Pack

Letter re: Redevelopment of Barkway Golf Course

NHS East of England re merger of PCT’s

HAPTC newsletters

HAPTC Business Matters Seminar and Various Enclosures

Herts Highways re Traffic Management in Barley.

Oliver Heald Re Green Communities Affairs

Wicksteed Playground Circular

LCR Magazine


It was proposed by Cllr Turner and seconded by Cllr Slater that the following payments be allowed.

Parish Council

Bridget Ashcroft     Clerks duties for June July & August 

Hardcastle Burton                                                          

Play Safety                                                                     

Geoff Spencer                                                                 

It was proposed by Cllr Martin and seconded by Cllr Elliott that the following payments be allowed.

Town House

Paul Isle                Caretaking for 2 weddings and cleaning       

Carol Robinson      Cleaning for 2 months                       

Clive Austin           Deposit returned                               

Steve Overall                   Deposit returned                               

Alison Stacey                  Town House letting agents fee            

Finance Officers Report

Mr Martin reported that the overdue money for the Town House rental was now being repaid, albeit slowly. He also asked for some clarification on the bill for IT services presented by Cllr Turner and noted that he had now received written confirmation from the Charity Commissioners that they do not require any moneys to be repaid.

Any Other Business

The yellow markings outside the school are in need of renewal. The Clerk agreed to contact the Highways department.

Comments had been made to Cllr Carlisle that the work at the war memorial had not been well carried out. The Clerk agreed to pass the plans for the requested work to Cllr Carlisle and he agreed to look into the matter.

A letter from TNT relating to the damaged barrier outside the school was passed to the Clerk so that she could write to TNT and to Hertfordshire Highways to find out what action was being taken to repair it. It was also requested that when it was replaced that it could be better positioned so that in the absence of street lights it does not obstruct the pavement and thus be a danger to pedestrians and also that it should have reflectors at both ends.

It was noted that the people who clean the school park on the pavement and it was requested that the Clerk contact the school to ask them to park elsewhere.

The Clerk was asked to write to Malcolm George to strim the nettles on the footpath at the side of Pye Corner, also to write to the occupant of the property owning the wooden fence along the same path as the shrubs need cutting back.

It was agreed that a business planning meeting would take place to discuss the financial requirements for next year.

With regard to the war memorial, Cllr Carlisle requested that the council agree to purchase a heavy duty cast iron bell to be inset into the curb to prevent further damage to the war memorial area by refuse lorries reversing around it. The bells are £400.00 plus VAT each but it was agreed by all present that one should be purchased and installed prior to Armistice Sunday if possible.

As Linda Richmond is the Parish Council’s representative on the Board of Governors of Barley School it was requested that she update the Council on any relevant matters and in particular to report on the potential problem and possible implication of the falling number of pupils at the school.

It was noted that more cars appear to be parking on the pavements which not only is illegal but also dangerous now that it is getting dark early. The Clerk agreed to put a note in the Diary asking residents to be careful where they park and to cut back shrubs that obstruct the pavements.

The Clerk noted that the gate onto the footpath at the side of Lovely view stables had been damaged and Cllr Smith reported that he had already contacted Parish Paths about repairing it.

Meeting Ended at 10.30pm