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Present:          Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Richard Elliott; Cllr Ian Turner; Mrs Bridget Ashcroft (Clerk), Mr Tim Martin (Finance Officer)

 In Attendance:           5 members of the public

Apologies: None

 Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the July meeting were read and approved. Acceptance was Proposed by Cllr. V Martin and seconded by Cllr. P Smith.

 Matters Arising

The Clerk confirmed that she was now in possession of the insurance documentation.

 Regarding the Club Room, Curwen’s the solicitors had been chased and
Cllr. Carlisle hoped to hear from them during the forthcoming week.

 Cllr Carlisle confirmed that Sue Neilson had now been paid for the work she did as Clerk to the Parish Council.

 Speeding: Cllr. Turner reported the Police are currently monitoring speed through the village three times a month and that speed measuring was currently in place on the Cambridge Road entrance to the village. He had agreed with the Highways Department to analyse the results when they were available and report back to the Council. Further to meeting with the Highways department, Cllr. Turner reported that only serious accidents were recorded and added to statistics so a number of minor accidents in the village had gone unrecorded.  The Highways Department were prepared to discuss funding to place a high grip surface on the crossroads at Picknage Road and Cambridge Road but were not prepared to fund chicanes. It was generally felt that before the Council could make any further decisions, the Highways Department needed to confirm their position in writing regarding what traffic calming measures would be acceptable in Barley and what were they prepared to fund.  

 Proposed Revision of Land Allocations Around Barley

To follow is the Councils response to this matter:-

The above land allocations were discussed both by the council and members of the public who chose to attend the meeting.  The following comments summarise the opinions that were expressed and the Councils position on each of the sites:-

 No 24 Land on the Corner of Picknage Road and Church End
It was noted that this land is currently outside the village envelope but that its frontage is part of the conservation area. It was generally felt that the site should not be developed
in isolation but that if the area on Picknage Road already shown in grey on the plan was developed that this  corner site could be linked and form part of an overall development  at the same time. However, the following concerns were raised:-
- Currently the visibility at this junction is very poor and any development would have to ensure that access was well away from the junction and that the site lines were significantly improved.

-The land that in question along with the adjoining agricultural land rises as the junction is approached; it is at the entrance to the village and is visible from some considerable distance away. Accordingly any development should not be allowed unless it is of a high architectural value, is small in scale with buildings no higher than the existing agricultural buildings on the site.

No 25 Land on Picknage Road
As the land in question is already within the village envelope, there is no need to alter the current status subject to the existing policies continuing to apply with particular reference to the Village Character area designation.

No 26 Land Behind Picknage and Cambridge Roads
The inclusion of this site is wholly inappropriate and if taken further will be very strongly resisted. Potentially this site would add 45 to 50 extra houses to the village and no need has been demonstrated that a development of this size is warranted.  It was felt by all concerned that the development of this site would not support local services or the local economy as suggested but would rather put undue stress on the roads, water supplies, drainage systems etc. Further more access to the site which is not believed to be in the control of the promoter would be difficult and the additional traffic movements would put unacceptable strain on already busy roads.  The village sewerage works also adjoins this site.

No 27 Land Behind Church End
The inclusion of this site is wholly inappropriate and if taken further will be very strongly resisted. It is understood that at least 30 houses have been suggested could be accommodated on the site and as with site number 26 no need has been demonstrated that a development of this scale is warranted or appropriate in this village. The land in question is on the edge of a character area and is adjacent to a conservation area. The site is not grass land as described . It consists of four parcels of land each in separate ownership in which grassland comprises of only 50 to 60% and is part of an agricultural small holding. The remainder of the site consists of garden land and a small builder’s yard. There are two public footpaths one of which crosses the site. The only access to it is up Pudding Lane which is a private single track un-adopted road which opens onto Church End with exceedingly poor site lines.  If this land were to be developed it would be visible from miles around and would spoil an otherwise un-spoilt “green belt” area which the Council wish to see maintained.

In conclusion the Council strongly oppose the inclusion of the two large sites as suitable for development .If included the consequences the size of the village would increase b y over a third in one fell swoop which would destroy its current character, put undue strain on its services whilst providing no positive advantages to the community whatsoever.   

Town House

The following repair items were noted: A catch is needed on the electrics box, a general fault was found to be the cause for the warning light on the fire alarm, it was noted that the light on the end of the building was remaining on all night, when all the other lights were changed to PIR systems this one was omitted and Busy Bee electrics will change it on their next visit also the wiring is due to be checked.

 Regarding the outstanding arrears in rent, Cllr V Martin and Mr Tim Martin made an agreement with the person concerned that they would pay £40.00 a week to catch up and so far this appears to be working although there is still a considerable amount outstanding.

 It was reported that a hand written complaint had been received that the fridge was not cold enough and the ovens too cool. Both sets of appliances were checked and no faults were found.

 A large electricity bill had been received and it was agreed that it needed checking and the possibility of changing suppliers should be looked into.

 Cllr. Martin reported that some of the chairs were in need of refurbishment and it was thought that possibly Mr Isle would be able to do this, she also noted that the replacement of the curtains was being looked into and that the lampshades in the Town House were in need of replacement however the shades available do not fit long life bulbs.

 Recreation Ground

Cllr. Turner told those present that the new bins for the Plaistow had arrived and that he needed to find someone to help bolt them in place.

 The Clerk was requested to write to residents with access onto the Plaistow to establish that such access did not become a right of way by default.

 It was noted that the goal post still needed to be removed and it was suggested that bag attachments should be purchased and placed next to the dog bins.

 Scout Hut

Nothing further to report.

 Picknage Road Allotments

Cllr. Carlisle reported that he had spoken to the highways department who agreed that a 278 agreement was probably excessive considering the work required. Further to this conversation he intended to speak with Mr Ashcroft regarding the work that is now required.

Health & Safety

Cllr. Elliott raised no new concerns other than he felt that the window over the clubroom door may well be in need of some remedial work.


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Barley Parish Council Account

101045       Sue Neilson          re: Parish Clerk duties

101046       Shaw & Sons        re: Parish Record Book

101047       Southern Electricity re: Club House quarterly bill

101049       Aon Insurance      re: increased contents cover for TH

101050       Drew & Baltrop     re: health & safety

101051       M&D Landscapes Plaistow Grass cutting 2 months

101052       M.George              re grass cutting ,village maintenance

 Town House Account

101739     P. Isle                     Caretaking./Wedding

101740     C. Varley                 Return of wedding deposit

101741     R. Lamb                  Return of wedding deposit

101742     A. Morland              Return of wedding deposit

101743     A. Stacey                Letting officers fees July

101744     Prompt Fire Protection re: servicing fire extinguishers

101745     CPC                        Re pest control

101746     P. Isle                     Cleaning

101747     A. Stacey                Letting officers fees August

 Any Other Business

The road surface at the junction of Shaftenhoe End and Church End needs attention.

The Clerk agreed to e-mail the highways department regarding the refurbishment of the salt and grit box’s in the village. She also agreed to complete the grant application for the lock up.