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Town House

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Barley Parish Council

Held at the Town House - Monday  11th May 2009.




Election of Officers.

Chair:              Councillor Carlisle stood down. 


                         Councillor Carlisle  was proposed  by Councillor Smith and seconded by Councillor Turner.  Approved unanimously.


Vice Chair:     Councillor Smith stood down.

Councillor Smith was proposed by Councillor Elliott and seconded by Councillor Martin. Approved unanimously.


Present:          Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Tony Slater

                        Cllr Philip Smith: Cllr Richard Elliott:  Cllr Ian Turner; Sue Neilson (Clerk)

 Apologies:       None

Minutes of last meeting were signed as read and correct by the Meeting.

 Matters Arising not on the Agenda:

Club Room – Confirmation of legal fees awaited from Curwins.       

 Scout Hut:

Meetings held with both the School and Scouts. The school appear happy in principle with proposals.  The Scouts have some reservations and will be meeting separately to consider their needs following which they will respond with their minimum requirements for any new building.


Meeting held with officers from County Highways on 23rd April at the Picknage Road/Cambridge Road crossroads to discuss proposed changes to the signage for the crossroads. Highways also advised that they had been instructed to consider and report on options to improve safety at the crossroads with a view to reducing/ minimising the number of accidents that occur at this location. The Chairman had requested a copy of the report as soon as it was available. The report has now been received for the Parish Councils comments and is under consideration. Cllr Turner is to request a copy of the guidelines used by County Highways in preparing the report.

War Memorial:

Mr David Williams is applying for a grant towards the cost of the proposed remedial work.


Cllr Turner is to take photographs to assist the grant application for the necessary repairs.

 Planning: Willow Barn, Shaftenhoe End – Proposal for 2 Roof Lights & Wood Burner chimney -  There were no objections to these proposals.

 Town House:

It was reported that difficulties were being experienced in securing settlement of the hire charges for the Keep Fit classes. The debt has risen to approximately £1000 although a recent payment of £450 has been made. Cllr Elliott & Cllr Martin will discuss the matter further with the hirer and in the meantime the Clerk will check that the recent payment has cleared.

Wedding bookings have improved and now appear to be about the same number as last year.

Kitchen renovation:  It is proposed to purchase new kitchen units and a new fridge.

It was reported that the bins are now being emptied.

The Clerk is to contact Mr Mick Hills for an alternative quotation to replace the fluorescent lights to the ground floor.


Now being being cut.

3 Rubbish Bins still required. Cllr Turner will check on the design so that they will all be alike.

A new lock has had to be purchased for the gate to the tennis courts.

The Clerk is to enquire on the availability & cost of a dog grid on the entrance to the Children’s play area and possible available grants.  In the meantime further “No Dog” signs are required.  The Clerk is also to speak to NHDC Dog Enforcement Officer & arrange a meeting with him & Cllr Turner.

 Picknage Road:  Allotments.

A plan of the proposed access was circulated to the meeting. We are now waiting for Highways to approve. An accurate survey on the drain positions will be required. 

 Health & Safety Report:

Cllr Elliott reported that the following items still needed to be addressed.

Town House - Covers for lights and child locks on cupboards. Plaistowe - Goal posts require remedial work.


Items of interest were placed in the Box for perusal by the Councillors.


The accounting position has now been addressed by Mr Tim Martin.  Draft accounts were circulated  for perusal and discussion by the Parish Councillors. Chairman Carlisle thanked Mr Martin for his input.

The Clerk is to obtain from Barclays Bank balances on all accounts and pass to Mr Tim Martin.

Signing of Payments:

It was proposed that the following payments should be made. (Proposed Cllrs Elliott & Turner.)

Town House:

P Isle                          Caretaking Town House    

A Stacey                    Fees  

Three Valleys Water.      

 Parish Council:

Alliance Insurance (Club Room)    

Southern Electricity.      

Shaw & Sons                                                                  

 Any Other Business:

Book of Declaration of Acceptance of Office by Chairman & Council to be ordered.

 Dates of next meetings: 

 Meetings to be held in the Town House at 8pm.

 Annual Parish Meeting  20th  May

 Parish Council Meeting    1st June  

 Apologies for absence for the 20th May APM were given by Cllr Smith.

 There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.40pm.