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Town House

Minutes of the Meeting of Barley Parish Council

Held at the Town House - Monday  2nd March 2009


Present:          Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Tony Slater

                        Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Ian Turner; Sue Neilson (Clerk)


Apologies:       Cllr Richard Elliott.


Chairman Carlisle welcomed District Councillor Howard Marshall to the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting were Signed as read & correct by the Meeting  


Greenbury Close : Report

District Councillor Howard Marshall reported that Howard Cottages were responsible for

Greenbury Close.  As yet has not been adopted by Herts Highways.

Howard Cottages are responsible for salting & maintaining this Close.


Club Room:

Nothing further to report on either items.


Scout Hut waiting for measuring to take place. What is required for storage and changing room facilities & toilets.  A space planning meeting required.  Cllr Turner will organise. Deter to next meeting when all possibilities are reviewed.  Scouts will require temporary storage space.

Cllrs Turner & Smith will look into this item asap.  Reviewed at next meeting.


Planning: No applications this month.


Highways Issues:  District Councillor Marshall reported the following:

Concern has been voiced by all Villages along the B1368 about the Anstey Quarry proposed vehicle movements:  Cllr Marshall is pursuing this item because of the possible road surface & structural damage to listed buildings along this road.  It costs £80 per meter to repair this damage.

Cllr Turner will walk with Cllr Marshall to view the potholes.

Massive infringement on Villages along the B1368,

Signage still required for speeding issues -improvements required throughout the Village.

Cllr Turner & Mr B Hoy will check on the required items.  A meeting requested with Mr A Redrup.


 Town House:

Recycling Bins:  Tins must be washed. Collection & Billing for bins to be addressed.

Bookings are increasing – short term rather than year ahead.

Quotes for replacing lighting etc..on going.  Defuser's  required.

Thermometer Broken.  Fridge thermometer needs to be secured correctly. Carol Robinson will deal with this item.

Frost Stat in Ladies Toilet – fused switch has been turned off. - Must be left on

Child locks still need addressing.


Tree needs trimming back along the School boundary.  Cllr Elliott will speak to the School.

“No Dog” Signs are now in place.  Rails repaired

Bins to be ordered.

Goal Post: stay broken off needs securing or replacing.


Plaistowe;  Tennis Club Funds:  Cost of resurfacing after 7 years in the region of £14,000.00

A sprayer is required for dealing with moss growth.

Plaistowe:  Gate has been left open – regular check required.


Health & Safety Report:

Cllr Elliott had arranged for the Clerks' computer to be PAT Tested & Driving Licence check.


Land on Picknage Road:

Allotments:  Several residents are interested in using an allotment.  A list of residents to be made.

Investigate for possible grants to help with the work involved in setting up this area.

NHDC might be able to help with costs.  Alan Fleck at NH might be able to advise us.


The following cheques were proposed by Cllr Turner & seconded by Cllr Smith.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.28pm


Next Meeting Date:  6th April. 2009@8pm in the Town House.