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Town House



Present:       Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Vanessa Martin; Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Richard Elliott; Cllr Ian Turner; Mrs Bridget Ashcroft (Clerk)


In Attendance:        Matthew Doggett



1. Apologies. None


2. Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the June meeting were read and approved. Acceptance was Proposed by Cllr. Smith and seconded by Cllr. Slater.


3. Matters Arising

Scout Hut: Cllr Carlisle reported that he had heard from the Scouts who had apologised for the delay in responding. They are in principle in favour of the development of the Scout Hut site but have concerns about how the building would be shared. It was felt that a further meeting should be arranged to discuss how best to proceed with the matter.

It was also discussed that by the end of September, the Council hoped to be in a position to know how the project was likely to move forward. It was decided that a block plan needed to be put together and a preliminary talk with the Planning Office arranged.


The Clerk was requested to complete and post the grant application for work to the War Memorial.


4. Planning Applications

Land North of Broadmere Pond, Royston Road, Barley

Following extensive discussions, the Council felt that an increase in the storage facility of 100% was unacceptable in this location and although the applicant had been able to demonstrate that to date the Councils concerns over traffic movement were unfounded. Never the less, the council felt that the Councils objections to the previous application remained substantially the same and would ask North Herts District Council to refuse the application.


Rose Cottage, Smiths End Lane, Barley SG8 8LH

Not withstanding recent construction of a new dwelling/garage to replace an existing garage at the adjoining property, the Council considered that the applicant had made no case to warrant the approval of this application.


The Councils objections were that the building concerned in this application was outside the village envelope and where under the current Local Development Plan the presumption would generally be against development in this location, the existing building is currently a storage shed and has never been used as a dwelling, no reason was offered for the need for additional living space and the proposed development does not connect to the existing house to extend the living space there. If however, despite the Councilís objections, NHDC were minded to approve the application then the Council would wish to see a condition imposed such that the use of the proposed development was as ancilliary accommodation to the main dwelling only and not for any other use.  


4 Crossways, Barley, SG8 8JW

No Objections were raised.


5. Town House

Payment for the rental of the Town House was discussed. It was reported that there was still a problem receiving payment from one individual and Cllr Turner and Cllr Martin agreed to meet at the Town House to discuss the matter with him. It was also noted that a wedding had not been paid for and it was generally agreed that a better accounting system needed to be put in place to avoid these difficulties.


Cllr Turner reported that the child proof locks on cupboards in the Town House were now installed.


6 Recreation Ground

With regard to the provision of additional waste paper bins on the Plaistow, Cllr Turner brought in details of a wooden slatted bin by Wybone and it was agreed that the Clerk should order three of them. Cllr Martin Proposed the motion and Cllr Smith seconded the proposal.


Due to concerns over health and safety issues, it was decided to remove the existing five a side goal posts with a view to replacing them if sufficient interest was expressed.


Cllr Turner reminded those present that the marquees for the Barley Show were being erected on Thursday 9th July at 6pm and all help would be appreciated, he also noted that a Tennis Tournament was being played on the day of the show open to all comers to encourage more people to make use of the Tennis Courts.


7. Picknage Road Allotments

Cllr Turner gave the Clerk details of a couple interested in having an allotment and she agreed to add their details to the list.


8. Health & Safety

Cllr Elliott reported that an electrical check of all equipment was due to take place on 6th August 2009, he also noted that the fire equipment was due to be serviced on 22nd July 2009. It was agreed that Cllr Turner would look into making regular fire alarm checks.


The Clerk was given the current health and safety check list to file


9. Correspondence

None of any note. What little there was will be circulated.




10. Signing of Payments

Tim Martin informed those present that the accounts had now been moved to the Chesterton Road branch of Barclays and that he was now recognised by them as Responsible Financial Officer for all Parish Council accounts.

He also noted that he had not received the Tennis Club accounts and Cllr Turner agreed to pass on the message to the Tennis Club committee.


Mr Martin presented the completed forms for the annual return as of 31st March 2009. The statement of account section one and annual governance  section two was considered by council and unanimously approved by the Parish Council.

Cllr Slater proposed the acceptance of the Annual Return and it was seconded by Cllr Smith.


It was proposed by Cllr. Smith and seconded by Cllr. Martin that the following payments should be made.


Town House

P.Isle Caretaking/Cleaning                            

A.Stacey re: Wedding Directory                      

A.Stacey expenses May/June                        

C.Robinson Cleaning                                     


Barley Parish Council


CPC re pest control                                        

Malcom George for March/April                     


11. Any Other Business

The Clerk enquired about who had the documentation for the Town House Insurance and requested that it be passed to her for safekeeping. Tim Martin confirmed that this was currently with him and he would arrange for it to be passed to the Clerk.


Cllr Elliott noted that the Club Room basement was still damp and that two wasp nests had been removed.


With regard to the Coif money Mr Martin reported that he had been looking into the paperwork concerned with this money and would speak with the Councilís solicitors Messrs Curwens to see if his understanding of the requirements was correct.


Cllr Carlisle informed those present that he was in touch with Sue Neilson with regard to payment for the work she did and he agreed to negotiate with her on behalf of the council.


It was agreed unanimously by those present that the current Clerk Bridget Ashcroft and the Responsible Financial Officer Tim Martin would both be paid £9.00 per hour and would record their hours worked until Christmas 2009 when a review would take place whether to continue payment per hour worked or to pay a regular salary. In the meantime both agreed to present an invoice for hours worked to date at the September meeting.

Cllr Turner proposed acceptance of these terms and Cllr Elliott seconded the proposal.


Cllr Elliott noted that he had cleared the fallen timber from the Town House Car park.


Replacement of the Town House curtains was discussed as the existing ones are in a poor state of repair. Cllr Martin agreed to look into the matter.


With regard to speed issues within the village, the Council discussed whether it was appropriate for the Council to form a sub-committee to work with Herts Highways department. It was proposed that any such sub-committee would be required to report with its recommendations on any proposals to improve (reduce) traffic speeds in the village and any other related issues to the Parish Council. The sub-committee would, if considered necessary, also look at the need for the possible appointment of consultants to work on any such proposals.  

It was agreed that a sub-committee should be formed and would initially be chaired by Cllr Turner. It was also agreed that Mr Brian Haughey of Shah Cottage should be co-opted onto the sub-committee.

Cllr Smith proposed that the sub-committee be formed and Cllr Elliott seconded the matter.   


Meeting finished at 10.45pm