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Town House

Minutes of the Meeting of Barley Parish Council

Held at the Town House – Monday 2nd February 2009.


Present:        Cllr Jeremy Carlisle – Chairman

                        Cllr Vanessa Martin:  Cllr Tony Slater: Cllr Philip Smith:

                        Cllr Richard Elliott: Cllr Ian Turner:

                        Clerk:  Sue Neilson


Apologies: None

Minutes:   Resolved and approved as read.




War Memorial:

It appears that a Grant of up to 50% of the cost may be available from the War Memorial Trust.

David Williams, President of the Barley Branch is applying for this.

A further estimate has been obtained from Mr J Drury, however this is more expensive than the quotation received from Mr G Spencer.

Subject to the outcome of the grant application the Council agreed that Mr Spencer be instructed to proceed when weather permits.


Greenfield Cottages – Howard Cottages:

Still waiting for report.  Clerk to ask when this will be forthcoming.


Club Room:

Quotation for indemnity insurance being pursued by the Council’s Solicitors. The possible charitable status of the Club Room is being checked.


Scout Hut:

Potential options are to be reviewed at the next meeting.


Town House:

The Chairman of the Town House Committee, Mrs Carol Turner, reported that to date there were:

7 Bookings for Weddings for 2009. This compared with 15 Bookings in 2008.

The School has booked the Town House for PE lessons and there were various other bookings for a variety of events.


Health & Safety Report – Town House.

Wiring work: to be completed by Busy Bee.

Cllr Elliott to produce a list of Contacts and Key Holders.

Fridge Thermometer to be purchased by Cllr Turner

Fridge to be left on at all times.

List to be provided for recording temperatures of fridge.

List of Contact Numbers required.

Health & Safety cont…..

List of Catering information/instructions to be placed in a prominent position to include what items are Not to be switched off, when the building is vacated.

4 diffusers for fluorescent lights need replacing. Mrs C Turner will look into this.

Electricity Cupboards:  Must be child proof top and bottom.

Health & Safety forms required.  Clerk will provide these for Cllr Elliott.

Step Ladder:  A new step ladder has been provided.


In respect of other matters Cllr Elliott reported that:

Scout Hut                    All in order

Tennis Court                  “  “    “

Club Room                  Ivy on wall has been cut back.


Recreation Ground:

3 Waste Bins required  - Clerk to order.  Cllr Turner now has the required “Dog Signs” for the Childrens Play Area and will arrange for them to be erected.


Picknage Road:

Quotes for clearing the site have been obtained from Mr James King for  £950.00 and Mr Stuart Bullard for £2,500 + VAT.


Mr Roy Rowe has now retired and unable to assist with Plans for the access of Picknage Road.



Letters received from Mr B Haughey in connection with the continuing problems of speeding in Barley.

Clerk to speak to CC Tony Hunter to arrange a meeting to discuss potential options to try to deal with the problem.

Letter from Mr Adrian Redrupp about improvements to the signage for the Picknage Road crossroads.


FINANCE: The following cheques were approved and signed.

Proposed Cllr Smith : Seconded Cllr Turner.


Busy Bee Electrics:  Barley Town House  

Alison Stacey:          Fees   

Ian Turner:               Expenses    

Vanessa Martin           Expenses  




Quotes received from Mr George for contract works for 2009.  These were approved by the meeting.

Proposed:  Cllr Elliott:            Seconded: Cllr Smith.

Clerk to contact Mr George with this information.


Salt Bins: Required for the bend by the Fox & Hounds/Lock-up & Greenbury Close.  Clerk to speak to Highways


Clerk to check with District Councillor Mr H Marshall to ask if Greenbury Close has been adopted.  If not what arrangements are in place for salting this road in periods of bad weather?


There being no further Business the Meeting closed at 9.40pm.


                                                                        Signed by  Chairman  Jeremy Carlisle.




NEXT  MEETING DATE:  2ND MARCH 2009 @ 8pm in the Town House.