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Town House

Minutes of the Meeting of Barley Parish Council

Held at the Town House on Monday 5th January 2009 at 8pm


Present:  Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman), Cllr Vanessa Martin, Cllr Richard Elliott,

               Cllr Tony Slater, Cllr Philip Smith, Cllr Ian Turner, Sue Neilson (Clerk)


Apologies for absence:  None


Minutes of the last meeting: Approved


Matters Arising:-

War Memorial – Cllr Turner confirmed that the contractor, Jeff Spencer, has been instructed to proceed with the agreed works as soon as possible. Cllr Turner is also investigating whether or not there are any grants available and possible donations towards the cost of the works.

The Clerk is to speak to NHDC to confirm the cost of the work to repair the damage caused by the NHDC waste disposal lorry that the council’s previous clerk had agreed with them. The cost of improvements to the kerb to prevent further damage is to be investigated.

Greenbury Close – The Clerk reported that she was still waiting for the report from Howard Cottage Housing Association following their recent site visit.

Club Room – Cllr Carlisle reported that he was waiting to hear from Messrs Curwins with confirmation of the likely cost of indemnity insurance cover for breach of covenant should the Council wish to pursue the matter.


Planning Applications:   

Sharp Cottage Church End – An amended planning application to extend the property has been made. It was noted that the applicant had addressed the Council’s previous concerns about the extent of the proposed extension by reducing its size and had also proposed using obscure glass to deal with overlooking issues. While the council still had some continuing concerns about over development of the site it nevertheless decided not to object to the revised proposal. However the Council would not wish to see any further extension of the buildings on the site and considered that, if NHDC are minded to approve the application, that a planning condition to this effect should be imposed.


Town House:

Cllr Turner reported on behalf of the Chairman of the Town House that Busy Bee Electrical have repaired the push button light and will be asked to return to address the outstanding small jobs that need doing as soon as possible.


It was noted that both the upstairs and downstairs kitchens needs to have the heating on during spells of cold weather, as with the toilets, to prevent freezing and potential problems of flooding from burst pipes. It was suggested that a couple of oil filled electric radiators with frost stats would be useful for this purpose. Cllr Turner will ask the Town House Chairman to action accordingly.

It was agreed that the Town House contents insurance should be increased to £50,000 and the Clerk was asked to instruct the insurers accordingly.

It was also reported that Mr Paul Isles had undertaken a number of maintenance items including the repair of the damaged wall at the back of the building.


Health & Safety

Cllr Elliott reported that one of the fridge thermostats was missing and should be replaced. Cllr Martin agreed to procure a replacement. Cllr Elliott also reported that one of the fire exit lights had been repaired but that the step ladder used in the Town House had been damaged, is unsafe to use and should be replaced. Cllr Turner agreed to advise the Chair of the Town House committee accordingly so that a replacement can be acquired. Cllr Elliott advised that there did not appear to be any particular H & S issues regarding the Scout Hut or the tennis courts and that the ivy on the back of the Club Room can been cut at the base and should die off over the next month or so.


Recreation Ground

Apart from the need to provide the 3 waste bins, as previously discussed, there were no further matters to report. The Clerk was asked to confirm the order for the bins as soon as possible.


Land at Picknage Road – proposed allotments

Mr B Edwards and Mr J King are to be asked to provide quotations for clearing the site including disposal of waste material. The clerk is to speak to Mr Roy Rowe to ask whether he would be able to act for the Council and design a suitable pedestrian access for the site and agree it with the Highways Dept. so that the Council can get on with the work to prepare the site for allotment use. Cllr Slater will investigate what if any grants are available to help with the cost of the work.



            The clerk will distribute any items of interest for perusal by the Councillors.





            The following payments were approved

            Proposed Cllr Smith  Seconded Cllr Turner

            Return of deposit for hire of Town House                                 

            Paul Isle - Caretaking duties and cleaning                                 

            Carol Robinson – Cleaning November/December 08   


Clerks salary – Cllr Carlisle suggested that until such time as Mrs Neilson has been able to fully assess the role and the time involved in acting as our clerk, that she should initially be remunerated on an hourly basis in accordance with that recommended by the relevant authority. This can then be reviewed after say 3 months with a view to agreeing an appropriate annual salary with effect from the start of the new financial year. Approved expenses would be reimbursed on a monthly basis. This proposal was acceptable to Mrs Neilson and was agreed unanimously by the Council.           


Any Other Business

Barkway Golf Club – proposed development to raise the ground level of part of the site and to provide driving range and 3 practice holes –  The Council strongly oppose this planning application due to the excessive number of HGV vehicle movements likely to occur over a period in excess of 12 months along the B1368 and other minor roads while the work is carried out. It was agreed that the Chairman would advise Hertfordshire County Council and other interested Parish Councils accordingly. Post meeting note – the planning application has now been withdrawn.


Cllr Martin reported that the pavement outside the school is in need of repair following the installation of a new chamber in the pavement and new telephone cables into the school. The clerk will inform the Highway Dept accordingly but it was noted that the work has only just been finished and the contractor may not have yet completed the making good of the pavement.

Crown House Shaftenhoe End- New reflective posts have now been erected along the edge of the road but a large granite block on the property boundary needs to be removed. The Clerk will speak to Mr Redrupp ( Highways) and explain the position and ask that he speaks to the owner of the property to get the granite removed.

Trees on Bankside High Street – The trees still need to be cut back as they presently restrict access by HGV’s and other large vehicles delivering goods to Bankside and who have to stop/park on the High Street to make their deliveries causing major difficulties with other traffic. The clerk was asked to speak to Highways about this matter in the first instance as the Council were unsure who the trees belong to.


Scout Hut – The Chairman reminded the other councillors that the position with regard to the lease between the Council and the Scouts needs to be regularised. Any proposals for a replacement building to include facilities for changing rooms/toilets/ showers etc for users of the Plaistow as well as for the Scouts should be progressed simultaneously, and agreed with the Scouts as part of any lease negotiation. The Clerk was asked to put the item on the Agenda for future meetings.

Fox & Hounds Car Park Light – Cllr Turner advised the meeting that he felt that the light still needs to be turned down slightly as it shines on to the highway. Other members of the Council thought that the licensee had adjusted the light some weeks previously. Cllr Turner will check the situation again and if necessary will speak to the licensee about further adjustments to the light.



There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm.



DATE OF NEXT MEETING - 2nd February 2009 at 8pm in the Town House.