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Town House


HELD at THE TOWN HOUSE on MONDAY 6th April 2009 @ 8pm            


          Present:  Cllr Jeremy Carlisle (Chairman); Cllr Richard Elliott;  Cllr Vanessa Martin;

                          Cllr Tony Slater; Cllr Philip Smith; Cllr Ian Turner; Mrs Sue Neilson (Clerk)                                                                                                                                                       

         Apologies  :    None


         Minutes:         Minutes of last Meeting were signed as read & correct by the Meeting.


         Matters Arising:

 Greenbury Close:

Highways confirmed they are not responsible for this Close.  Not an adopted Road.

Howard Cottages are responsible for this area and now remains a Private Road.

All services are the responsibility of Howard Cottages for Salting & Maintaining the area.


Club Room:

The Councils Solicitors have ordained that Title Indemnity Insurance will cost approximately £1,000.00 subject to certain conditions but before proceeding they consider that it would be prudent to obtain Legal Counsel's opinion. The Meeting agreed that this was a sensible approach and the Chairman was asked to instruct Curwins accordingly.

In the meantime the building needs to be kept wind and water tight and evidence of a potential roof problem to be investigated.


Scout Hut:

Councillors Smith & Turner have prepared draft plans of a possible layout for replacement multi-use building including a main hall area that should meet the Scouts immediate space requirements and also provide suitable changing room, toilet & showers for other users of the Plaistow. 

The Chairman of the Governors of the Village School has indicated that the School would like to explore further the possibility of using the building as well.

In order to progress matters meetings are to be arranged with the Scouts and the School.

The Chairman reminded the meeting that the lease of the existing Scout Hut had expired and that the Scouts were “holding over” under the terms of the original lease but which could be terminated on 6 months notice subject to certain conditions.



A meeting had taken place with Hertfordshire Highways about their proposals to improve the highway signage at the Picknage Road?Cambridge Road crossroads.  This work has now been implemented.  Hertfordshire Highways are to consider changing the “Give Way” signs with “Stop” signs and are preparing a report on potential action that can be taken to improve safety further at this junction together with other measures that may help to reduce speeding along this section of the road.


Paxes – No objections to the proposals.

 Town House:

Income:  £418 in March  &  £326 forecast for April.

No weddings took place during the month.

Upgrading of ground floor kitchen being considered                                                                                                                 Rubbish Bins are now being emptied on a regular basis.

Insurance Policy:

Due for renewal through AON in March. Total premium £2,811.96 to be paid.

Town House Building Insured for £1m. Contents:  £21,224.00.  Clerk to raise this amount to £50,000.00

It was reported that the Notice Board is full.  Items to be checked & removed if out of date.

New Council Tax on the Building is £237.65.

 Recreation Ground:

“No Dog” signs had been pulled off & thrown away by persons unknown.

Clerk to investigate obtaining Metal Signs.

Clerk to order 3No Litter Bins from Castleford's  0800 091 3171. Approximate cost £245.

 Grass cutting contract:

Confirm HD Landscapes will carry out this work.  Clerk to obtain number from Cllr Turner.

 Health & Safety: - Goal posts. These items to be checked.

 Land on Picknage Road:

Mr James King to be invited to carry out the necessary grass cutting & clearing of the proposed site once access has been agreed with Hertfordshire Highways.


Items of interest placed in the Box for perusal by the Parish Councillors.

 Items on flood Risk – Julia Simpson – Environment Agency to be invited to a Parish Council Meeting to talk on how to deal with Flash Flooding.


Parish Council – the following cheques were approved & signed by the meeting:

 Mr M George –     Street Cleaning, Litter & Bin emptying     

HAPTC:                 Annual Subscription 

AON:                    Insurance Policy                                                          

NHDC:                   Annual Council Rates    

Carol Robinson – Cleaning 

Paul Isle               Caretaking   

Vanessa Martin    Expenses.      

 Any  Other  Business:

Mr Jack Shepherd who is the Flower Show organiser was invited to speak to the meeting. He inquired about the position of individuals to trade on the Plaistowe without agreement obtained from the Show Organiser.                                                                      The Parish Council confirmed the Show Organiser had complete discretion on this matter.

Show Sub Committee to provide a list & value of items required to be insured on a replacement value basis.

Minutes/Accounts of Show Meeting required.

Show Date:  11th July 2009.

 War Memorial.

Clerk to enquire of English Heritage if the War Memorial is a Listed Building/Ancient Monument in a Conservation Area.  This is required for the Grant application for the necessary repairs.

 AGM:  11th May at 8pm in the Town House.  Clerk to bring Register.

 APM:   20th May at 8pm in the Town House.  Accounts required for the Meeting.

Income:          Parish Council & Town House

Expenditure:  Parish Council & Town House.

 Cllr Vanessa Martin will book the Town House for these dates.

 Agenda required 2 weeks before Meeting Dates.

 There being no further Business the Meeting Closed at 10.29pm